Former series

VERTIC Research Reports

Joseph McGrath and David Robertson
September 1999
Suzanna Van Moyland
June 1999
George Paloczi-Horvath
October 1998
Tom Milne and Henrietta Wilson
June 1999

Patricia M. Lewis
September 1998 

Verification Matters

Title Author(s) Date
No. 11 Laying the Foundations: Verifying the Transition to Low Levels of Nuclear Weapons, Preliminary Report Patricia M. Lewis April 1997
No. 10 The IAEA’s Programme ’93+2′ Suzanna van Moyland Jan 1997
No. 5 Verifying the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Challenges for the 1990s Owen Greene Nov 1992
No. 4 Watching START Take Off: The Verification of a Complex Arms Control Treaty July 1991
No. 3 The Verification of a Global Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A Briefing Paper for the Partial Test Ban Amendment Conference, 7-18 January 1991 Jan 1991
No. 2 The VERTIC Guide to the CFE Treaty Patricia M. Lewis Nov 1990
No. 1 Scientific and Technical Aspects of the Verification of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Jan 1990


VERTIC Matters

Title Author(s) Date
No. 8 Verification as Security Patricia M. Lewis July 1995


Implementation Matters

Title Author(s) Date
No. 4 Protocols to the Climate Convention: Prospects, Problems and Proposals  John Lanchberry Jan 1995


Test Ban Verification Matters

Title Author(s) Date
No. 9 Finalising the CTBT Rebecca Johnson July 1996
No. 8 Hydroacoustic Monitoring of the World’s Oceans Ruth Weinberg Jan 1995
No. 7 Satellite Detection Laurence Nardon Nov 1994
No. 6 Entry into Force Kim Tay Sept 1994


Confidence-Building Matters

Title Author(s) Date
No. 6 The Georgia-South Ossetia Conflict  Dennis Sammut and Nikola Cvetkovski Mar 1996
No. 5 Rethinking the OSCE: European Security after Budapest Walter Kemp & Dennis Sammut Mar 1995
No. 4 The CSCE, Security and Successor Stats of the Former Soviet Union Dennis Sammut Nov 1994
No. 3 The Birth of the Georgian State: Giving Georgia a Second Chance Dennis Sammut Oct 1994
No. 2 The CSCE and the Process of Confidence Building Owen Greene and Dennis Sammut Sept 1994
No. 1 The CSCE, European Security and Verification Patrica M Lewis and Owen Greene Mar 1992

VERTIC Briefing Papers

Title Author(s) Date
Verification of the Kyoto Protocol: filling in the detail: issues for the 16th meetings of the subsidiary bodies to the Convention on Climate Change Molly Anderson February 2002
Exploiting synergies between nonproliferation verification regimes: a pragmatic approach Trevor Findlay & Oliver Meier January 2002
The Kyoto Protocol: verification tops the agenda: key issues for the Seventh Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention, Marrakech, November 2001 Molly Anderson May 2001
The CTBT Verification System: Entering Rough Waters? Oliver Meier April 2001
Verifying Sinks under the Kyoto Protocol Pete Smith March 2001
On-site inspections under the INF Treaty: a post-mortem John Russell February 2001
The BWC Protocol: Dissecting the Composite Text Daniel Feakes January 2001
Verification of The Kyoto Protocol: A Fundamental Requirement Clare Tenner June 2000
Defence Plutonium Inventories and International Safeguards in the UK William Walker May 2000
The Kyoto Protocol: Pulling Verification Together Clare Tenner April 2000
Monitoring Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol Clare Tenner March 2000
Fulfilling the NPT: Strengthened Nuclear Safeguards Oliver Meier February 2000
Fulfilling the NPT: A Verifiable Test Ban Trevor Findlay & Oliver Meier January 2000
The Verification and Compliance Regime for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World Trevor Findlay May 1999
The EC Monitoring Mechanism Towards Comparable and Transparent Greenhouse Gas Inventories? Clare Tenner April 1999
Not Quite Ready and Waiting: The CTBT Verification System Trevor Findlay & Oliver Meier March 1999
Verification Mechanisms in International Environmental Agreements Clare Tenner February 1999
Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies to the Convention on Climate Change, Bonn, June 1999 Clare Tenner January 1999