Trust & Verify

Published biannually
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Trust & Verify is VERTIC’s flagship publication, going back to 1989. The newsletter provides analysis and news of verification and implementation developments, as well as information on VERTIC’s activities. Trust & Verify is published electronically on this website. It can also be received free of charge via email on request. To receive Trust & Verify by email, please enter your email address in the subscription request box on this page. We also welcome submissions to Trust & Verify; these should be sent to Larry MacFaul.


Published on an ad hoc basis
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This series, launched in 2003, replaced the former VERTIC Briefing Papers. VERTIC Briefs are published on an ad hoc basis, on subjects of immediate interest. They are often produced for, and distributed at, major international conferences.


Published on an ad hoc basis
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This series, launched in 2001, revived the earlier Matters series (1990-1997) and replaced its successor, the VERTIC Research Reports (1998-1999). They are substantive ad hoc research reports on a variety of verification and other topics, written by VERTIC researchers or external authors.


Verification & Implementation, re-launched in December 2015, brings together leading practitioners and experts from the field into a biennial publication that explains, appraises and proposes ideas for strengthening the verification and implementation of international agreements and treaties.
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This series follows on from the Verification Yearbook series, past copies of which are available here.


VERTIC staff regularly give presentations on a range of matters at various events around the world.

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