Nuclear Security Reporting

The shared consequences of malicious acts involving nuclear material make it important to build international confidence that states are addressing this threat and to assist one another by sharing experiences. Despite this, engagement with the existing reporting mechanisms­—both voluntary and mandatory—under the nuclear security regime has been limited so far.

In recent years, a number of initiatives have been put forward to encourage increased reporting and information-sharing in nuclear security and to make it a more straightforward and useful process for states.

The Programme’s work has focused on supporting and encouraging expanded reporting on nuclear security through existing measures and proposed initiatives, as well as exploring states’ attitudes and practices on the subject. In particular, a priority was to identify the key challenges and obstacles that states—and especially developing countries—may face when approaching nuclear security reporting.

The Programme will look out for opportunities to engage further in the process and to provide direct assistance to states wishing to improve their reporting practices.

International Initiatives on Nuclear Security Reporting

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Further Resources on Nuclear Security Reporting

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