Firearms Act 1988 [extracts]
Codigo Penal
Codigo Organico de Justica Militar 1998
Ley de Armas y Explosivos 1939
Penal Code (No. 15/1999/QH10)
Criminal Procedure Code (No: 19/2003/QH11)
Decision No 158/2003/QD-TTG of 31 July 31 2003 Promulgating the Provisional Regulation on the Handling of Cases Involving Mails as well as Postal Articles and Parcels Containing Strange Substances and/or Objects Doubted to be Related to Biological or Chemical Weapons
Decree on Prevention of Money Laundering (Decree 74/2005/ND-CP)
Ordinance on the Organization of Criminal Investigation (23/2004/PL-UBTVQH11)
Law on National Security (32/2004/QH11)
Regulations on Land Border Gate (32/2005/ND-CP)
Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (03/2007/QH12)
Law on Environmental Protection (29/2005/L-CTN)
Ordinance on the Veterinary (18/2004/PL-UBTVQH11)
Regulation on Management of Biological Safety of Genetically Modified Organisms, Products and Goods originating from Genetically Modified Organisms (212/2005/QD-TTg)
Decision Promulgating the Standard “General Requirements of the Agricultural Laboratory” No. 44/1999/QD-BNN-KHCN of February 27, 1999
Regulations Detailing the Implementation of Some Articles of the Animal Health Ordinance (Decree 33/2005/ND-CP)
Regulations on Registration Procedures of Production, Import and Circulation of Veterinary Drugs, Raw Materials for Veterinary Drugs, Biological Products, Microorganisms, Chemicals Used in Veterinary Medecine (10/2006/QD-BNN)
Law on Pharmacy (34/2005/QH11)
Decision Promulgating Regulations on Registration of Vaccines, Medical Biologicals (4012/2003/QD-BYT)
Customs Law (29/2001/QH10)
Law on Credit Institutions (12 December 1997)
Decision of the Minister of Trade No. 238/TM/XNK 1994