Former Programme: Peace Agreements

VERTIC’s Peace Agreements Programme focused on the monitoring and verification of peace accords. Verification and monitoring may be applied to the whole range of elements that constitute a peace implementation process, ranging from the military aspects, through electoral monitoring and human rights monitoring, to the monitoring of local police using international civilian police. The monitoring and verification of the military aspects of peace agreements has the longest lineage historically: ceasefire agreements have often called for monitoring by impartial international observers.

Since the end of the Cold War the deployment of multi-function peace operations as part of comprehensive peace settlements has vastly expanded the possibilities for monitoring and verification. Such activities have also become increasingly significant because the results are much better publicised by the global media, because modern peace agreements tend to be more explicit and elaborate and because experience in monitoring and verification in other fields, such as arms control and disarmament, is gradually being extended to the implementation of peace accords.