Verification and Monitoring

The Verification and Monitoring Programme identifies and develops verification and monitoring solutions to enable countries to work together confidently when tackling challenging international verification issues. These challenges include nuclear disarmament verification and non-proliferation monitoring, providing support to nuclear safeguards implementation, and providing support to the Chemical and Biological weapons monitoring and verification regimes.

Recent research and implementation activities include:

National Implementation Measures

To give effect to international instruments, states must bring their domestic law into conformity with their obligations under international law. This process may involve the amendment of existing laws and regulations, or the introduction of new law.

VERTIC’s National Implementation Measures (NIM) Programme provides cost-free assistance to interested states for adherence to and legislative implementation of certain international instruments, including those focusing on chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons and the security of related materials. This includes universality and awareness-raising workshops, reviewing and commenting on existing draft legislation or providing assistance in the drafting of new laws during workshops in capitals.

The programme is conducting research and implementation assistance in:

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Compliance Mechanisms and Measures

VERTIC’s Compliance Mechanisms and Measures (CMM) Programme focuses on matters of interpretation, clarification and concurrence. The programme specialises in researching the components of compliance, analysing and enhancing the role of compliance processes, promoting exemplar compliance bodies and dispute settlement processes, examining responses to non-compliance, and conducting training on compliance.

The programme is working on projects concerning compliance with United Nations sanctions, and is also concerned with compliance with agreements concerning: nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and related materials; conventional arms and cyber-weapons; and the environment.