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Larry MacFaul appointed as VERTIC’s Acting Executive Director

After 16 months of leading the organisation as Acting Executive Director from New Zealand, Angela Woodward informed VERTIC’s Board that she wishes to return to her Deputy Executive Director position, devote more time to her role as Programme Director for VERTIC’s Compliance Mechanisms and Measures Programme, and return the executive management lead to a United Kingdom-based member of […]

VERTIC at 2019 PrepCom

VERTIC to host a seminar during the 2019 Preparatory Committee for the 2020 NPT Review Conference. Co-hosted with UNODA, the seminar will examine the role of verification in multilateral arms control.

The Hanoi Summit and its consequences

In Trust & Verify’s first Verification Watch article, Researcher Elena Gai writes about the Hanoi Summit between US President Donald Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-Un. Before one thinks about how to verify, it is essential to consider what to verify. While there has been some progress on denuclearisation, much more remains to be done.

Science: a Force Multiplier for Disarmament

Last week, we published Trust & Verify No. 163. In the lead article, I write about science diplomacy as a concept and exemplifies this by looking at some relatively recent VERTIC experiences. Science diplomacy is starting to become studied in depth by the European Union, through Horizon 2020 and its S4D4C project. Science diplomacy is […]

Our new website

Regular followers of our work will know that we’ve experimented with several ways in which we can bring Trust & Verify, as well as our opinions out to the broader community. In the past, we have struggled to do so effectively, but thanks to Tarek Atrissi design, we are now able to realise some of […]