Senior Researcher Hugh Chalmers presents to participants

Senior Researcher Hugh Chalmers attended an IAEA safeguards implementation workshop in Lao PDR, where he explained how states fulfil their international safeguards commitments through domestic legislation. He presented a set of case studies that demonstrated the safeguards provisions typically captured in legislation, and the different structural approaches taken by states to achieve this. He compared Vietnam’s approach (which establishes a detailed hierarchy of safeguards regulations expanded on by circulars and guidance) to New Zealand’s approach (which incorporates safeguards requirements into radiation protection licensing). He also provided advice and guidance on national approaches to facilitating IAEA inspection, and enforcing domestic safeguards legislation. His presentation can be found here.

The workshop was hosted by the Lao PDR Ministry of Education and Sport and delivered by the US National Nuclear Security Administration’s International Nuclear Safeguards Engagement Programme (INSEP). Hugh’s contribution was supported by funding from the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) Nuclear Safeguards Programme.