The Summer 2023 edition of T&V opens with a lead article examining the effectiveness of the BTWC and CWC for preventing weaponization of toxins and bioregulators. The rest of the edition covers issues ranging from criminal proceedings against a fraudulent ship registry scheme in the Federated States of Micronesia to VERTIC and UNIDIR’s upcoming BWC National Implementation Database.

Up to the challenge: Can the BTWC and CWC prevent weaponization of toxins and bioregulators?

The lead article, written by Malcolm Dando and Michael Crowley, explores the prevention of the weaponization of toxins and bioregulators under the BWC and CWC. The authors explain how advances in science and technology present challenges for the existing international regime. The piece further examines recent review conferences for the treaties, to explore the latest developments in the two regimes.

Verification Watch

Verification Watch opens with an article by Senior Researcher Noel Stott on the Verification and Monitoring team’s work to support global capacity for nuclear disarmament verification. Co-Programme Director Grant Christopher and Research Assistant Hailey Wingo then provide commentary on North Korean operations of the experimental light water reactor. The next article by Hailey and Co-Programme Director Alberto Muti highlights the team’s work on the United Nations Secretary General Mechanism for investigating biological incidents. Finally, Grant and Alberto close this section by showcasing new work on irreversibility in nuclear disarmament.

Implementation Watch

Implementation Watch begins with an article from Associate Legal Officer Suzanna Khoshabi, analysing challenges and outcomes from the 5th Review Conference of the CWC. Then NIM Co-Programme Director Sonia Drobysz showcases the new VERTIC/UNIDIR BWC National Implementation Database, which will be launched in August 2023. Finally, Legal Officer Thomas Brown provides an overview of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2663.

Compliance Watch

In his debut for Trust & Verify Researcher Roel Walravens contributes an article on criminal proceedings against a fraudulent ship registry scheme in the Federated States of Micronesia. He then explores North Korea vessel purchases in light of UN Security Council sanctions.

Centre News

Plus, Centre News, outlining the latest updates from across the programmes.