Members of VERTIC’s Verification and Monitoring (VM) team attended the second annual conference of the Alva Myrdal Centre for Nuclear Disarmament from 14-15 June 2023. Some staff also participated in a workshop on June 13 associated with one of the Centre’s Working Groups. 

The conference and workshop were held in Uppsala, Sweden and organised under this year’s theme: Nuclear Disarmament at a Crossroads. At the conference, VM presented on their work estimating North Korea’s fissile material inventory, the uses and limitations of open-source intelligence for discovering clandestine facilities, and debunking myths about South Africa’s former nuclear weapons programme.  

The workshop focused on sources of uncertainty in making fissile material and nuclear warhead inventory estimates. VM staff discussed the incorporation of confidence assessments of open sources used for a simulation of the DPRK’s nuclear fuel cycle, the results of which will soon be available here on VERTIC’s website.