From 2018-2021, VERTIC’s Verification and Monitoring programme, conducted a multi-country project focused on exploring and developing capacity building in nuclear disarmament verification. Funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project sought to leverage the nuclear expertise and experience in non-nuclear-armed states with unique histories—Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan and South Africa, and their regions, to solidify disarmament verification relevant capabilities.

The project also explored the feasibility of establishing three regional groups, in Latin America, Central Asia and Africa, where research, education and expertise could come together in a disarmament verification ‘hub’. These hubs would allow for the development of regional perspectives on conceptual, policy and technical issues pertinent to nuclear disarmament verification. They are intended to complement the efforts of UN member states in their quest to achieve and maintain a world without nuclear weapons.

This report VERTIC Innovation 1 details how the project was implemented. It also reflects on the outcome. Project stakeholders have developed an activity plan for a sustainable process to embed, use and grow their expertise and experience. A follow-on project will support the three ‘hubs’ enabling more regional actors to become active in nuclear disarmament verification activities. This will enhance their involvement in the development and strengthening of practical and effective verification measures.