On 16 August in New York, VERTIC will co-host a NPT Review Conference side event on nuclear safeguards agreements.

Title: Universalisation of Nuclear Safeguards Agreements

Date: 16 August 2022

Time: 13:15 – 14:30 (New York)

Location: Conference Room CR.C, United Nations, New York

Hosts: Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and VERTIC

Description: By ratifying and implementing IAEA Safeguards agreements, States signal their support for the NPT norms and strengthen the international regime for nuclear non-proliferation. There is a broad range of international institutions and initiatives aimed at assisting states with this process and help them achieve ratification and successful implementation. VERTIC and the UK Government cordially invite you to a seminar where assistance providers will explain their offering, and NPT Member States can exchange their experiences in seeking and receiving assistance on IAEA Safeguards.


  1. Mr. Philip Smith, UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  2. Mr. Alberto Muti, VERTIC
  3. Ms. Savannah Blalock, NNSA
  4. Mr. Cristian De Francia, IAEA
  5. Mr. Hubert K. Foy, AFRICSIS

The meeting will be introduced and chaired by VERTIC’s Executive Director Mr. Larry MacFaul.

The meeting is open to all states and non-governmental organisations attending the NPT Review Conference.

For additional information about the event please email Larry MacFaul or Alberto Muti.