This Summer’s edition of T&V has a dedicated section on issues arising from the Russo-Ukraine war. The rest of the edition covers a wide range of topics, from the first meeting of states parties for the TPNW to a prosecution in Germany for a chemical weapons related offence.

Sanctions applied against Russia: Who, what and how

The lead article, written by Researcher Cristina Rotaru provides an overview of the sanctions applied to date as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. The article then explores their implementation, enforcement and monitoring.

Prospective verification, implementation and compliance issues arising from the Russo-Ukraine war

In a special section dedicated to the Russo-Ukraine war, Associate Legal Officer Suzanna Khoshabi explores the applicability of international law to the security of nuclear and chemical facilities in Ukraine. Then, VM Co-Programme Director Grant Christopher provides commentary on the use of OSINT to monitor the conflict. Next, Cristina introduces a legislative perspective to the question of redistributing frozen assets. Finally, Deputy Executive Director Angela Woodward provides observations on allegations of non-compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention.

Guest Article by Lara Bühler

This guest article by Lara Bühler, Junior Partnerships Manager with the Munich Security Conference (MSC) and former intern at the BWC Implementation Support Unit, focusses on the role of women in the Biological Weapons Convention.

Verification Watch

Verification Watch opens with an article by Senior Researcher Noel Stott, who provides commentary on eliminating the use of highly enriched uranium for civil purposes. Alongside Co-Programme Director Alberto Muti, he then discusses verification considerations at the first TPNW MSP. Grant closes the section with an exploration of the prospects for treaty on anti-satellite weapons (ASATs).

Implementation Watch

Implementation Watch features an article by Legal Officer Thomas Brown about an ongoing trial for transfer offences related to a chemical weapon and dual-use goods in Germany.

Compliance Watch

Cristina Rotaru provides one article in this edition of Compliance Watch in which she outlines updates on the latest developments in the UN Security Council in relation.

Centre News

Plus, Centre News, outlining the latest updates from across the programmes.

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