VERTIC in conjunction with The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) held the 2nd Workshop within the Project ‘Building Capacity on Multilateral Verification of Nuclear Disarmament’ on May 19-20.

Such a project focuses on harnessing, developing, and sustaining expertise and capacity on nuclear disarmament verification (NDV) in regions around the world. This work will complement the efforts being undertaken in Kazakhstan to engage in research and development activities on nuclear disarmament verification as well as support Kazakhstan’s participation in official fora such as UNGA and the Group of Governmental Experts on the role of verification to advance nuclear disarmament and other international initiatives. Presentations included technical procedures of safeguard application approaches and how to prevent the re-emergence of nuclear weapons; verification procedures and techniques applicable to the placement of fissile material as well as for the decommissioning of nuclear infrastructure; Kazakhstan’s nuclear diplomacy and Kazakhstan’s model for gender advancement in nuclear non-proliferation

Representatives from inter alia the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Energy, the Nuclear Technology and Safety Centre, the National Nuclear Centre, the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kazatomprom, academia and NGOs took part in the workshop.