Assistant Researcher Anuradha Damale was an invited speaker at The Space Court Foundation’s event on “Competing for Space Superiority? Arms Racing, Rivalry and Hype in Space” on 14 May 2021. The event was organised by The Space Court Foundation, and chaired by Dr. Bleddyn Bowen, an expert in space warfare and astro politics.

Anu was joined by experts in the space community in discussing the ‘hypes’ in space and dispelling them. The panellists were Dr. Alice Gorman, Prof. Chris Newman, Dr. Cameron Hunter and Lauren Napier.

Anu’s contributions focussed on having a systems approach to decision-making in space, encompassing space security, sustainability and safety. She talked about the importance of understanding motivations, regional and national bespoke capacity building and awareness raising, as well as the importance of language in shaping space policy and attitudes towards it.