Verification and Monitoring Programme Director Larry Macfaul provided insights on lessons to be learnt from the field of nuclear safeguards and disarmament verification at the event organised jointly by the Secure World Foundation and UNIDIR on November 10.

The panel discussion was hosted by UNIDIR’s Dr. John Borrie, and experts provided insights on how verification mechanisms in CBRN have been shaped over time, and how the space sector could be helped by these.

Image of panellists at the SWF and UNIDIR webinar.

This panel was preceded by a discussion between space experts from industry, NGOs, government and academia including Dr. Moribah Jah, and Dr. Dan Ceperley, moderated by Secure World Foundation’s Victoria Samson.

A recording and transcription of the webinar will be provided on the Secure World Foundation website in the coming days.