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Our new website

Regular followers of our work will know that we’ve experimented with several ways in which we can bring Trust & Verify, as well as our opinions out to the broader community. In the past, we have struggled to do so effectively, but thanks to Tarek Atrissi design, we are now able to realise some of our aspirations. The aspiring web-designer will note that the site now is powered with WordPress, which offers us a wide range of integration options.

Our redesigned website will rest at the centre of our communications effort going forward, and especially so two pages, ‘news‘ and the blog. Here, we intend to republish our articles from Trust & Verify, so that our readership can comment on them, and hopefully share them. The blog will also be used to offer our views the verification, implementation or compliance developments in international affairs. This section, we hope, will contain viewpoints from both our established permanent staff, as well as the volunteers that support us.

Importantly, we hope to give our future interns a space to express themselves, under editorial supervision, on these pages. A couple of years ago, we did so regularly, but we had to discontinue the effort as the old Website Baker page did not have the functionality required to allow for a vibrant blogging community to blossom.

We are also, finally, able to bring all our products in under one house. We are no longer going to update our temporary blog site. Everything will happen at this site. For the traditionalist reader, we will continue to lay out all our publications as if they were going to press. Our emphasis going forward will continue to be on making our work accessible on various e-reader platforms. Many of our readers have informally told us how much they enjoy being able to read our publications on an e-reader, and we will listen to that.

Enjoy the new site. Engage with it. I hope this is the starting shot of bringing our 33-year old organisation into the 2020s.