Trust & Verify Issue No. 162 is now available.

Trust & Verify Issue No. 162 is now available.

The eagle-eyed subscriber will notice that we did not publish an autumn edition, and we can only apologise for that. The workload on the organisation’s permanent staff was such that it was difficult to find time to give the necessary attention to this publication. We have now decided to get some help from the outside, and are pleased to inform that Dr Ian Davis, who amongst other things edits the SIPRI Yearbook, has agreed to help out from time to time.

The next edition will, therefore, come out in three months, on schedule. As before, we want to continue to offer this pamphlet, which has now been running for 29 years and six months, free of charge.

This edition has a lead article by Andrew Reddie on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Verification Watch covers the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Group of Governmental Experts established to consider the role of verification in advancing nuclear disarmament, as well as developments at the 62nd regular session of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Implementation Watch deals with US sanctions against Iran before the International Court of Justice, an error in US biological weapons law that led to the dropping of criminal charges and the use of a homemade chemical weapon in Louisiana. In compliance watch, we cover the first annual review of the UK sanctions watchdog, Iran sanctions violations by Standard Chartered, as well as DPRK sanctions evasions at sea.

Finally, Science & Technology Scan looks into hardware hacks, Chinese research into measuring explosives, and the use of Copernicus data for frequent monitoring of the high seas (and other things). As customary, the edition ends with staff news.  As before, Trust & Verify comes in three versions: