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VERTIC took part in a meeting of the European Safeguards Research and Development Association‘s (ESARDA) Working Group on Verification Technologies and Methodologies, held on November 9 in Vienna. Members heard updates on new technologies and approaches, including the use of open source information to improve Safeguards declarations, then participated in a special session on Verifying the Denuclearisation of DPRK. Senior Researcher Alberto Muti took part for VERTIC, and contributed to the discussion group on verifying the absence of undeclared nuclear material after prospective denuclearisation of DPRK, which focused on how Safeguards approaches could be leveraged for this task.

ESARDA is a network formed in 1969 to ‘advance and harmonise research and development in the area of safeguards’. VERTIC has a long-established interest in using whole-fuel cycle approaches, including Safeguards approaches, to verify complete and irreversible nuclear disarmament. For more information, see VERTIC publications ‘Irreversibility in Nuclear Disarmament: Practical steps against nuclear rearmament‘ and ‘Exploring Multilateral Verification of Nuclear Disarmament: Scenarios, Modelling and Simulations