VERTIC engages with Malawi on safeguards needs

Senior Researcher Noel Stott met with Malawi’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority and other stakeholders to discuss options for building national awareness and capacity on safeguards implementation and uranium mining.

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VERTIC attends Northeast Asia Forum

On 5 December, VERTIC’s Executive Director, Andreas Persbo, attended a Northeast Asia Forum on the ‘Prospects and Tasks of Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula’ held in Seoul.

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VERTIC at the Fourth CWC Review Conference

The Fourth Review Conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) is taking place in The Hague, the Netherlands from 21 to 30 November. The Review Conference takes places every five years and gathers delegations from the Convention’s 193 States Parties to review the operation of the Convention and discuss its direction for the next five […]

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VERTIC took part in a meeting of the European Safeguards Research and Development Association‘s (ESARDA) Working Group on Verification Technologies and Methodologies, held on November 9 in Vienna. Members heard updates on new technologies and approaches, including the use of open source information to improve Safeguards declarations, then participated in a special session on Verifying […]

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