May, 2017

VERTIC attends NPT PrepCom in Vienna

Members of the Verification and Monitoring team attended the NPT PrepCom in Vienna, from May 9th to 12th. VERTIC hosted one side-event, discussing the viability of a Group of Scientific Experts on Disarmament Verification. VERTIC also hosted an informal consultation with European states at the VCDNP.

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Trust & Verify No 156

In this issue, Madison Estes article ‘Rebuilding Trust through Verification Reinstatement in the INF, An Opportunity for Improving U.S.-Russia Relations,’ considers recent developments under the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Plus: Verification Watch, Implementation Watch, Science & Technology Scan, Verification Quotes and VERTIC News.

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VB27: Defining a Group of Scientific Experts for Disarmament Verification

Effective nuclear disarmament verification is an essential precondition for achieving ‘a world without nuclear weapons’. Without verification and the two fundamental principles of transparency and irreversibility, nuclear disarmament activities may not credibly provide the trust and confidence needed by all states in a world where all weapons have been abolished.

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