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Trust & Verify No 155

In this issue, Maӱlis David, Ekaterina Konovalova, and Clarisse Bertherat consider the outcome of the Biological Weapons Convention Eighth Review Conference that took place in November last year.

Verification watch deals with UN General Assembly 71/67 on disarmament verification, open source information and the work of the OPCW as well as the UK Investigatory Powers Bill. Implementation watch looks at the 2016 Comprehensive review of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 and the December IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security. Science and technology scan reports on the explosion of publications using openly available Landsat and Sentinel imagery. It also reports on a new piece of kit called the Unattended UF6 Cylinder Verification Station, which may be used in nuclear safeguards.

The edition is also available in standard epub format (for, amongst other e-readers, the iPad) and mobi (for the Kindle).