VERTIC’s NIM team actively participates in BWC Manila ‘Superweek’

Angela Woodward and Rocio Escauriaza Leal participated in the “Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Conference Week for East Asia and the Pacific” that took place from 27 June to 1 July in Makati City, Philippines.

The workshop enhanced synergies and coordination among BWC stakeholders in the East Asia-Pacific Region, in light of the forthcoming BWC Seventh Review Conference in December 2011.  The workshop brought together three distinct meetings:

  • Regional Workshop on National Implementation of the BWC in East Asia and the Pacific, 27-28 June 2011 sponsored by the European Union Joint Action (EUJA) on the BTWC. This segment focused on National  Implementation; CBMs and EUJA assistance; building capacity for disease surveillance; key issues for the 7th Review Conference; complementarity in BWC and 1540 implementation; and awareness-raising on dual-use issues; and regional health security.
  • Workshop on Building Capacity for Prevention, Preparedness and Response, 29 June 2011 sponsored by the United States. This workshop heard presentations on biosafety, biosecurity, disease surveillance and proposals for strengthening Article X. Breakout sessions focussed on building capacity for ‘prevention and implementation’ and ‘disease surveillance, preparedness and response’.
  • Seminar on Issues for the Seventh Review Conference of the BWC, 30 June-1 July 2011 sponsored by Australia. This seminar focused on universality; CBMs; a new BWC intersessional process; implementation mechanisms; review of science and technology advances; the BWC Implementation Support Unit (ISU); assistance under Art. VII; and international cooperation under Art. X. Breakout groups discussed proposals to amend the CBMs and to develop implementation mechanisms (compliance monitoring... verification) and the next intersessional work programme.

During the EUJA workshop, VERTIC delivered a presentation on BWC national implementing obligations and VERTIC’s NIM Programme in a plenary session. Angela and Rocio conducted two breakout sessions to discuss definitions, criminal provisions and enforcement measures; and  biosecurity/biosafety provisions and import/export/transit controls respectively.  They also gave a report on themes in the discussions to the plenary meeting.

Angela also gave a presentation on the CBM mechanism in the plenary panel on ‘Key issues for the 7th Review Conference’ during the segment organized by Australia.

VERTIC was also able to meet with each delegation to discuss possible co-operation on the development of legislation to enhance national implementation of the BWC.

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