VERTIC to launch publications on disarmament at 2015 IAEA General Conference

To coincide with the 59th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), VERTIC is launching two new publications that explore multilateral verification of nuclear disarmament and the role of the IAEA.

Date: 12.30-2pm, Thursday 17 September 2015
Location: Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (VCDNP), 13th Floor, Andromeda Tower, Donau-City Strasse 6, Vienna (walking distance from the Vienna International Center).

Last year, IAEA Member States noted at their 58th General Conference that the Agency ‘must remain ready to assist, in accordance with its Statute, with verification tasks under nuclear disarmament’. This year, IAEA Member States will again help to determine what role the IAEA should play in verifying nuclear disarmament, and what capabilities it should maintain to fulfil this role. These two publications seek to facilitate an informed debate at international and domestic levels on the challenges and opportunities of multilateral verification of disarmament, focusing on the history and potential activities of the IAEA in this field.
The first publication reports on the results of a survey of IAEA member states, conducted by VERTIC during 2014-2015. This survey examines Member State views on the future of the agency’s role in disarmament verification, and its results suggest that the agency should prepare for a broad role in verifying nuclear disarmament. It can be found here.
The second publication is an issue primer that explains the main features of multilateral verification of a broad range of nuclear disarmament activities. Using a systematic approach, this practical resource explains the issues involved in verifying each major step of nuclear disarmament and it highlights the past, present and future role of the IAEA in this endeavour. It can be found here.


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