VERTIC Senior Legal Officer participates in regional BWC seminar in Santiago, Chile

VERTIC Senior Legal Officer, Scott Spence, participated in a "Seminar on Biological Material and Biosafety in the Framework of the Biological Weapons Convention" during 9-11 October in Santiago, Chile. The seminar was organised by the Dirección General de Movilización Nacional, which is Chile's National Authority for the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions. There were participants from across the region and experts from Argentina, Germany the United Kingdom, the United States, the Biological Weapons Convention Implementation Support Unit and the World Health Organisation. Topics covered included the scope of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), laws and regualtions, and biological material and research. Mr Spence gave a presentation on VERTIC's study on the gaps in Chile's national legislation to implement the BWC. He welcomed the National Authority's openness and transparency in allowing him to share these results with participants from across the region.  

On the second day, the participants broke into working groups to discuss: implementation of the BWC within each participating country; food defense; legislation; biocontainment and biosecurity; scientific research and biological material; regional matters and education and the BWC. The working groups reported back to the plenary seminar, providing concrete actions for the future with a significant focus on regional co-operation in order to co-ordinate and strenghten implementation of the BWC across Latin America. More about the seminar can be found here

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