VERTIC researcher David Cliff on VOA news

Yesterday, VERTIC researcher David Cliff appeared on Voice of America, giving commentary on the up-coming talks with Iran. See the interview below.

Speaking on Iran’s enrichment facility at Fordow, Mr Cliff said that it ‘was constructed essentially in secret by the Iranians and unearthed by the West in September 2009. What’s happened more recently is that the facility has essentially come online and has started actually producing enriched uranium’.

Mr Cliff mentioned that, seemingly, ‘There’s not been a decision taken within Iran as to whether they want to go for a bomb outright or whether they want to develop what is called a ‘virtual nuclear weapons capability,’ where they have all of the material that they need, and they have all of the scientific and the technical knowledge they would need, to develop a nuclear weapon if at some point in the future the ‘go’ order was given’.

VERTIC is presently working on a fuel cycle analysis of Iran. This report will highlight material flows within the country, and give an overview of where safeguards are applied. It will be of use to academics and analysts seeking a deeper understanding of nuclear fuel cycle issues. VERTIC’s work on Iran is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT).

For more information, and updates on project progress, visit the project page.

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