VERTIC presents at the 2011 Space Security Conference

VERTIC was invited to participate in the 2011 ‘Space Security Conference: Building on the Past, Stepping Towards the Future’. The conference was held at the UN Office in Geneva, 4-5 April 2011. It was organized by UNIDIR and the Secure World Foundation with support from the Simons Foundation and the Governments of Canada, the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation and the United States of America.

Larry MacFaul represented VERTIC at the meeting. Larry gave a presentation on the basic elements of a successful verification regime during the conference session focusing on ‘The Verification Challenge: the Art of the Possible’. Other speakers on the session panel included Dr. Laurence Nardon, Senior Research Fellow, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI) and Dr. David Finkleman, Senior Scientist, Center for Space Standards and Innovation, Analytical Graphics Incorporated.

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