VERTIC participates in the Nuclear Knowledge Summit

Scott Spence, Acting Programme Director for National Implementation, represented VERTIC at several events related to the Nuclear Security Summit taking place in The Hague during 24-25 March.

He first participated in a roundtable sponsored by Hague Institute for Global Justice and SIPRI on 20 March: Uncertainty and Disputed Values: The role of Non-state Actors in Global Nuclear Security. The agenda included four speakers (the President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Mr Abiodun Williams; Dr Arthur Petersen from VU University Amsterdam; Ms Susi Snyder from Pax for Peace; and Dr Ian Anthony from SIPRI). Twenty participants joined these speakers in discussing various topics related to nuclear security including: how to assess and communicate uncertainties and perspectives; clarifying values and perspectives, the role of civil society; and the case for a risk based approach to nuclear security. The rapporteurs for the roundtable prepared a set of recommendations for the Dutch Sherpa to the Nuclear Security Summit, Ambassador Piet de Klerk, and presented them to him at the end of the round table.

Mr Spence next participated in an official side event to the Nuclear Security Summit: the Nuclear Knowledge Summit, which took place during 21 to 22 March in Amsterdam. The event was organised by the Clingendael Institute, the Fissile Materials Working Group and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies with the support of NTI, the MacArthur Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Over two days, more than two hundred participants discussed various issues related to nuclear security including: improving regime coherence; regional approaches to nuclear security; cyber security; information sharing and peer review; and advancing the security of fissile materials and radiological sources. It is intended that the discussions in the NKS will feed into and inform the deliberations of the heads of State participating in the Nuclear Security Summit.

Finally, on 23 March, Mr Spence participated in the symposium Nuclear Security Policy and Ethics, a contribution to the Nuclear Security Summit by the Technical University of Delft. The participants heard a keynote speech from Dr Rudd Lubbers, former Dutch Prime Minister and former High Commission of UNHCR. He gave a historical perspective on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and set the stage for the presentations that followed on: capacity building; nuclear power without nuclear proliferation – the challenges of the 21st century; the ethics of nuclear security; technological challenges; and governance and public policy. All participants had the possibility to visit the TU Delft’s nuclear research reactor in groups to better link policy and theoretical discussions on nuclear security to their real world application.

For more information about these events related to the Nuclear Security Summit, please contact Scott Spence.


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