VERTIC participates in OIE and ATT workshops

Scott Spence, Programme Director for National Implementation, participated this week in a biothreats training seminar at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris and in an informal workshop on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Geneva.

The Veterinary Legislation Support Programme (VLSP) Expert Training Seminar on Legislation and Biological Threat Reduction at OIE took place during 6-7 December. It had the objective of training experts in the VLSP on conducting assessments of veterinary legislation relative to biological threat reduction during VLSP Veterinary Legislation Identification Missions (VLIM). This training was part of a larger project, funded by the Global Partnership Program of Global Affairs Canada, on the OIE Veterinary Legislation Support Programme in the Americas and followed the Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction organised at OIE Headquarters in June 2015. Mr Spence presented on the international law on biothreats, implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention and related provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 through national legislation and country examples of legislative measures to counter biothreats. He also gave a joint presentation on a pilot mission in Belize in July 2015.

Mr Spence then participated in an informal workshop on the ATT on 8 December in Geneva. The workshop was inspired by the commitment of the President of the Third Conference of the States Parties to promote a strategic and engaged approach to the promotion of the goals of the ATT. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate an informal exchange of ideas and perspectives on the ATT between experts in the field and the current ATT bureau (comprised of the presidency and vice-presidents), co-chairs of the three Working Groups and management committee. Mr Spence participated in Working Group B on ATT synergies with the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and other international regimes. 

For more about the National Implementation Measures (NIM) Programme at VERTIC, please click here or contact Scott Spence.


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