VERTIC, NTI and MFA Netherlands host side event on nuclear security reporting and the Consolidated Report

On 8 December, VERTIC hosted a well attended event on nuclear security reporting with project partners Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands (MOF). The meeting was held at the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non Proliferation on the occasion of the 2016 IAEA International Nuclear Security Conference. 

The aim of the meeting and the overall project was to explore ways to support nuclear security reporting and information sharing into the future. The event focused on reporting mechanisms to date and a new tool, the Consolidated National Nuclear Security Report, launched at the last Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC.

Larry MacFaul (VERTIC) chaired and opened the meeting describing the international nuclear security framework and the role of reporting and information sharing in international instruments. Samantha Pitts-Kiefer (NTI), and Jonathan Herbach (MOF) explained the development of the Consolidated Report. Katherine Tajer (VERTIC) and George Monnehan (ARSN) presented on VERTIC’s recent mission to Côte d’Ivoire in which Katherine and Larry worked with the l'Autorité de Radioprotection, de Sûreté et de Sécurité Nucléaires (ARSN) to explore using the Consolidated Report.

The meeting also heard interesting presentations from Ambassador Alfredo Labbé of Chile, Advisor to the Minister and Especial Envoy for Nuclear and International Security; Abel Gonzalez, Argentina, UNSCEAR Representative, IAEA’ CSS Member, ex-Vice-Chairman of ICRP and IRPA; and Robert Floyd, Director General, Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office. Their expert commentary focused on their countries’ experiences, and the challenges of nuclear security reporting within the international community generally and whether tools such as the Consolidated National Nuclear Security Report could increase reporting or inter-agency coordination within states. Finally, Luca Lentini, King's College London, discussed the intersection of nuclear security culture and how it can be leveraged to support more thorough and frequent reporting. 

The meeting had excellent attendance from a variety of international representatives from nuclear regulating agencies, foreign ministries and NGOs.   

VERTIC would once again like to extend our warm thanks to our project partners, and the speakers for their time and commitment. Much appreciation is also due to Mara Pfneisl and Laura Rockwood, who were instrumental in the organisation and hosting of the event at the VCDNP.

An agenda from the event is available here



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