VERTIC NIM Programme Director participates in conference on universalization of the BWC in Africa

VERTIC's Programme Director for National Implementation, Scott Spence, participated in a conference on universalization of the Biological Weapons Convention in Africa, during 29-30 October in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference was organised by the African Union (AU) and the BWC Implementation Support Unit. 

The conference was organised within the framework of the Common African Defense and Security Policy (CADSP) adopted by the 2nd Extraordinary Session of the AU Assembly of Heads of States and Government, in February 2004. The conference was also further to the AU's support for the BWC on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the treaty's entry into force on 30 March in Geneva. The African Union's press release for the universality conference is available here

The conference had the objectives of enhancing understanding of the BWC and its implementation among signatories and non‐signatories in order to promote its universality, enhancing national capacities for implementing obligations and promoting the active participation of AU Member States in BWC meetings. The conference was opened with statements from Dr Tarek A. Sharif, Head of the Defense and Security Division, AU (statement available here) and Mr Daniel Feakes, Chief of the BWC Implementation Support Unit. Topics for discussion included: understanding biological weapons and biothreats and an introduction to the BWC; national implementation, including legislation, and confidence-building measures; national approaches and experiences in ratification and national implementation; advances in science and technology and implications for the BWC; the contribution of biosafety and bioscience associations for capacity building and enhanced implementation of the BWC, with a case study on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa; and the synergy between the BWC and UN Security Council Resolution 1540.

VERTIC's NIM Programme Director, Scott Spence, gave presentations on legislative implementation of the BWC and VERTIC's legislative assistance to implement international CBRN instruments.

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