VERTIC launches Verification & Implementation series

VERTIC is delighted to announce the launch of Verification & Implementation: a biennial publication bringing together leading practitioners and experts from the field to explain, appraise and propose ideas for strengthening the verification and implementation of international agreements and treaties. Readers of this publication will find practical analysis of verification and implementation issues that can assist them in addressing or researching current challenges faced by the international community.

The first edition of Verification & Implementation can be found online here. Hard copies and e-reader files will be available in January 2016. For more information contact

A launch event – including a discussion of the volume and Mark Hibbs’ chapter ‘Iran and the Evolution of Safeguards’ – will be held today between 17:00 and 18:30 at VERTIC. More information is available here.

Chapters in the first edition are:

Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü

Iran and the Evolution of Safeguards
Mark Hibbs

Securing the Front End of Iran’s Fuel Cycle
Andreas Persbo and Hugh Chalmers

In Defence of the Evolution of IAEA Safeguards
Craig Everton

The Role of Organisations Culture in Effectively Implementing Safety, Security, and Safeguards in New Nuclear Power Countries
Donald Kovacic

Investigating Multilateral Verification of Nuclear Disarmament: Fuel Cycle Modelling for Simulations
David Keir and Russell Moul

Dealing with Objections to the CTBT
Edward Ifft

Chemical Demilitarisation in Syria: An Overview
Dominique Anelli and Mehran Rouzbhani

Biological Weapons Convention Implementing Legislation and Compliance
Angela Woodward

The Arms Trade Treaty: Making a Difference
Ambassador Jo Adamson OBE and Guy Pollard MBE

Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Dave Clemente

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