VERTIC launches new publication on ‘Exploring Multilateral Verification of Nuclear Disarmament’

The report aims to support the growing demand for a more inclusive approach and a broader scope for the exploration of nuclear disarmament verification. It achieves this by describing methods to: 

  • develop and test multilateral approaches to verifying a wide range of possible nuclear disarmament situations; and
  • build capacity among stakeholders to engage with the development and implementation of such approaches in a cost-effective and structured manner.

The report provides an in-depth guide for developing simulation exercises to investigate the technical, legal and political challenges involved in verifying nuclear disarmament. It explains how the creation of nuclear disarmament ‘scenarios’ and technical models of nuclear programmes can provide detailed and comprehensive environments in which these simulations can be operated. In addition, it discusses questions that need to be addressed while exploring disarmament verification options to ensure that any proposed solutions are reliable, coherent, trusted and accessible.

The report is available as an ebook in .epub and .mobi formats and PDF.


Last changed: Nov 18 2015 at 3:54 PM