VERTIC hosts side event at BWC Meeting of the States Parties

Dec 07 2010
VERTIC Blog >> National Implementation Measures

The NIM team - Angela, Scott, Rocio, Samir and Yasemin - hosted a side event at the BWC MSP. Scott first gave presentations on the status of implementation of the BWC and presented a sampling of statistics based on 109 legislative surveys. Based on the low level of implementation, VERTIC used this opportunity to call on the States Parties to adopt an action plan for the implementation of comprehensive legislation. Scott then gave a presentation on the new website and database. The third presentation was given by Angela on the withdrawal of reservations to the 1925 Geneva Protocol. And, finally, Scott gave a presentation on a recently completed article on the Rome Statute and proposed amendments to explicitly include a ban on use in war of biological and chemical weapons. Many excellent questions were asked by the audience including from representatives of the UK, Germany, Pakistan and US governments.

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