VERTIC delivers statement to CTBT workshop

Today saw VERTIC Researcher David Cliff deliver a statement to a cross-regional workshop on the ‘Role of the CTBT in Regional and Global Security’ in Istanbul, Turkey. The workshop has been jointly organised by the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation and the Turkish government.

Mr Cliff’s statement dealt with the impact of the CTBT on security from the perspective of those in the research community. In his address, he argued that ‘though it is not yet in force, the CTBT has already made a positive impact on peace and security around the world and has rightly been described as a crucial building block for both nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.’ The positive impact of the treaty is a function both of the growing norm against nuclear testing that the CTBT has helped to promote and the effectiveness of the CTBT’s monitoring and verification systems, Mr Cliff argued. ‘That the CTBT has gone some 15 years without entering into force is obviously not ideal but this should not be a cause for despondency,’ he said. ‘Rather, the value that the treaty adds to the maintenance and bolstering of peace and security on global and regional levels is clear even today.’

The address also highlighted VERTIC’s recently-completed series of publications on the CTBT, four of which have been published in the form of Occasional Papers (available here) with the most recent – by Dr John Walker on the role of the CTBT in the deterrence of nuclear testing – having been published as a VERTIC Brief (see here).

Last changed: Nov 16 2011 at 3:00 PM