VERTIC attends NPT PrepCom in Vienna

Members of the Verification and Monitoring team attended the NPT PrepCom in Vienna, from May 9th to 12th. Staff enjoyed attending a cross-section of events and meeting with colleagues in the field. 

VERTIC hosted one side-event, discussing the viability of a Group of Scientific Experts on Disarmament Verification. At this event, Noel Stott presented on VB27: Defining a Group of Scientific Experts for Disarmament Verification, explaining the aims of the project and the progress thus far. 

VERTIC also hosted an informal consultation with European states at the VCDNP, on the same issue of the viabilitiy of a Group of Scientific Experts for Disarmament Verification. The event was well-attended by a mix of representatives, and fostered interesting and productive discussion. We would like to extend our thanks for a very successful event to both the VCDNP and the attendees. 

Last changed: May 23 2017 at 2:03 PM