VERTIC at the 3rd Review Conference of the CWC

The Third Review Conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) is being held in the World Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands during 8-19 April. States Parties to the CWC have gathered to discuss the operation of the Convention and to take decisions on a number of matters critical to its future. Items on the agenda are the deadline for the destruction of chemical weapons, verification of the Convention, achieving its universality, the status of its national implementation, and international cooperation and development. 

For the first time, NGOs were invited to deliver statements during the plenary meeting. VERTIC, represented by Scott Spence and Yasemin Balci, was one of 14 NGOs to do so. You can find our statement here.
A number of side events, organized by both States Parties and NGOs, took place during the first week of the Review Conference.
  • On Monday 8 April, SIPRI, Non-Proliferation Monthly and CBW Events organized a side event outlining resources prepared by NGOs for the Review Conference. The Special Issue of the Non-Proliferation Monthly, to which Yasemin Balci contributed, is available in English and French.
  • On Tuesday, 9 April, the European Union Institute for Security Studies, in conjunction with the Belgian delegation, organized an event to promote the report “The Future of the CWC in the Post-Destruction Phase”, to which Yasemin Balci contributed. Scott Spence delivered a brief statement summarizing the article during this event.
  • On Wednesday, 10 April, Yasemin Balci attended the annual meeting of the CWC Coalition, which counts VERTIC as a member. The Coalition discussed ways in which NGOs can further contribute to the effectiveness of the CWC. 
  • On Thursday, 11 April, Yasemin Balci formed part of a panel at the side event ‘Reinforcing the Global Norm Against Chemical Weapons’, organized by the CWC Coalition. The other panelists were Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs, US State Department; Dr Hassan Mashhadi, Independent Consultant; Dr Lech Starostin, International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security, Tarnow, Poland; and Mr Muhammad Setyabudhi Zuber, National Committee of Responsible Care Indonesia. Yasemin's statement is available here.

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