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May 03 2012
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Next week, VERTIC will give three presentations at the NPT PrepCom at two different meetings – rolling out or highlighting several new and exciting projects. Here in London, there will be changes to the way this blog is administered. We will strive to keep you updated with new online content every Thursday, as customary. However, our organization’s permanent staff will from now on share the editorial responsibility for the content.

As some of you may know, Hugh Chalmers have been editing these pages on a volunteer basis over the last six months. He has now secured a comfortable new position at RUSI, where he will look into the management of nuclear technology, nuclear arms control and disarmament, and multilateral regimes. He contributes research and project support to the nuclear analysis team, and acts as coordinator for the UK Project on Nuclear Issues. I would like to convey my very personal gratitude for all that he has done for the blog over the past six months.

Next Tuesday, 8 May 2012, is an interesting day for our organization. We are flying a rather big team to Vienna to descent like fireflies on the NPT PrepCom. In a matter of hours, we’ll be holding two events. The following day, most of us will be on a flight back to London. In other words, we’re planning the NGO equivalent of a hit and run.

The morning event, organized by David Cliff and David Keir, will look at the issue of disarmament verification by intergovernmental organizations. This is something we’ve been working on for a while together with a small number of partner governments. We’ll also have a representative from the New Agenda Coalition attending, presenting their views on disarmament verification, so it’s set up to be an exciting meeting. I’ve had a look at my own team’s presentations, and they look good. You will have plenty of things to unpack from the technical presentation in particular.

Download the agenda here.

The afternoon event is hosted by the US Department of Energy and will highlight national efforts to promote the effective implementation of the IAEA Additional Protocol. Some of you will recall that we prowled the General Conference last year, talking to some select governments about this, trying to judge support for a charity-based, UK centred, assistance programme. We found that there was demand for a service of this kind. Our kind funder has therefore decided to push some money our way, to move us halfway to full phase. We will release more details on our upcoming project next Tuesday.

Download the agenda here.

VERTIC will also take the opportunity, at that presentation, to launch its expansion of National Implementation into ‘true CBRN’, as we call it internally. For more than a year – almost two years in fact – we have been working on a report on the Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive material. Sadly, we won’t have it ready for hard-copy distribution by Tuesday, but it will be available on the web.

Personally, I am very happy with the cover design. It took some time for us to choose the absolutely right cover picture – and this one, I think, is quite cool.

The choice is quite deliberate. It will be interesting to see if anyone figures it out.

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