Trust & Verify No. 158 now online

Trust & Verify Issue No. 158 is now available. In this issue, John Carlson's article 'Nuclear Weapon Prohibition Treaty: A Safeguards Debacle' discusses the potential dangers with the newly adopted treaty from a safeguards perspective. Amongst several concerns, his principal is that it may slow the adoption rate of the Additional Protocol. Painting a bleak picture, Nevine Schepers then writes about the need to revisit Tritium controls.

Verification Watch discusses a recent proposal to beef up information exchanges between India and Pakistan and notes the public-private partnership between OHCHR and Microsoft in future human rights monitoring. Science and Technology Scan then concludes the edition with a brief expose on the CTBTO's recently held Science & Technology Conference. As customary, Centre News takes up the back pages.

The edition is also available in a standard epub format (for, amongst other e-readers, the iPad) and the mobi-format (for the Kindle).

- Download as PDF;
- Electronic publication, ePub; or
- Kindle document, mobi.


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