Scott Spence participates in symposium on future trends and solutions for biosafety and biosecurity

Scott Spence, Programme Director for National Implementation, participated in the 7th Annual International Symposium on "Biosecurity and Biosafety: Future Trends and Solutions" in Milan, Italy during 22-24 March. The symposium, with speakers and participants from Africa, North America and Europe, consisted of five round tables focused on: CBRN Emergencies and Pandemics: Assessment and First Response; CBRN Emergencies and Pandemics: Pandemics; Emerging Life Science Technologies: Synthetic Biology and Dual-Use Research of Concern; Educational Training on Biosecurity and Biosafety; and International Conventions: The contribution to Biosecurity.

Mr Spence gave two presentations during the fifth roundable on 24 March on the NIM Programme's report on national implementation of the BWC and online legislative assistance tool for the BWC, both of which were first presented to the Eighth Review Conference of the BWC last November.

VERTIC is grateful to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose financial support made Mr Spence's participation in the symposium possible.

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