Registration open for VERTIC-Wilton Park verification conference

Registration is now open for the upcoming VERTIC-Wilton Park conference ‘Verification in the 21st century – technological, political and institutional challenges and opportunities’, to be held from Sunday 17 June to Wednesday 20 June 2012.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural verification conference, this meeting will assess the role and contribution of verification in multilateral regimes. With a focus on verification of the various weapons of mass destruction regimes, the meeting has two objectives. The first is to assess how to enhance cross-sector and cross-institutional engagement. Credible and comprehensive verification involves a number of different actors – domestic, governmental and international – and is therefore, by its nature, a collaborative exercise. Consequently, engagement between actors becomes an important concern – something that is only heightened by the increasing global spread of dual-use technology. This conference will explore ways in which verification outcomes can be enhanced by engagement between its participant actors. The second objective is to develop a better understanding of the impact and implications of technology on verification activities.

The conference includes sessions on verification challenges and opportunities, the relationship between verification and confidence, engaging the non-government sector, technology and verification, cross-cutting verification opportunities, the UK-Norway Initiative and a proposed weapons of mass destruction-free zone in the Middle East. Confirmed speakers include Tibor Toth, Laura Rockwood, David Chambers, Ralf Trapp, Catriona McLeish, John Luke, Ole Reistad, Olli Heinonen and Jan Lodding.
This meeting is open to all those with expertise to share or an interest in the theme. Please see the conference registration page on the Wilton Park website – see here – to sign up.


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