Presentation to OEWG

Last Friday, Andreas Persbo delivered a presentation to the Open Ended Working Group on Multilateral Disarmament, which is presently convening in Geneva, Switzerland.

The group was established by the General Assembly through resolution 56/67. The resolution was adopted in December 2012 through a recorded vote of 147 to 4 with 31 abstentions. Notably, four out of the five nuclear weapon states recognized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty voted against the resolution, while China abstained. So did India, Israel and Pakistan.

The mandate of the group is to ‘develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations for the achievement of a world without nuclear weapons’. The working group will convene for up to 15 working days in 2013, with the first session being held 14-24 May 2013. The group will report back to the next session of the General Assembly.Mr Persbo was joined on panel by Mr Pavel Podvig and Mr Jean-Pascal Zanders. The other panelist spoke about START verification as well as the relevance of the Chemical Weapons Convention to multilateral nuclear disarmament.

Read Mr Persbo’s presentation here.

Last changed: May 20 2013 at 3:07 PM