North Korean Test

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea conducted a nuclear test at noon local time today, according to an official announcement by its state-run news agency. The test is the third following previous tests in October 2006 and in May 2009. The Vienna-based Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation organised a press conference today that included initial analysis on what was described as a ‘seismic event with explosion like characteristics’ in North Korea. The organization also produced a press release including its initial technical assessment informed by preliminary data obtained through its verification regime. Information released indicate that the location of today’s event is ‘largely identical’ to the location of the previous tests. The tremor measured 5.0 in magnitude and was initially detected by up to 25 seismic monitoring stations. Some initial assessments of the event interpret this as a nuclear explosion with estimations of yield (see for example the report by the Norwegian organisation NORSAR).

Last changed: Feb 15 2013 at 4:31 PM