NIM Programme Director takes part in Wilton Park Conference on CWC Fourth Review Conference

Scott Spence, Programme Director for National Implementation, took part in the Wilton Park Conference "The CWC: the fourth Review Conference and beyond" during 22-24 January.

The conference, with 40 invitation-only participants, had the objective of furthering preparations for the fourth CWC Review Conference in December 2018. A keynote speech was given by OPCW Director-General Ahmet Üzümcü. Principal themes for discussion were the implications of response to use for the integrity of the CWC; the role of the OPCW in combatting non-state actor threats; requirements for an effective Technical Secretariat; the Convention’s relationship with the G7 Global Partnership, UNSCR1540 etc; and to consider how to work towards a successful Review Conference. Mr Spence facilitated the Working Group on the Technical Secretariat, which was tasked to answer how likely was this issue to cause problems at the Review Conference; what could be done to manage any problems that may emerge; and what would a realisticaclly attainable successful outcome regarding the Technical Secretariat look like. Mr Spence then presented on the findings of this Working Group in plenary session. 

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