NIM Programme Director published in 'The Chemical Weapons Convention: A Commentary'

Two chapters written by Programme Director for National Implementation, Scott Spence, have been included in the second version of "The Chemical Weapons Convention: A Commentary". The Commentary was published by Oxford University Press in August and is now available here. The editors are Walter Krutzsch, Eric Myjer, and Ralf Trapp.

Scott's first chapter in the Commentary is "Efforts by the OPCW to Promote Universality", in which he goes through the history of the procedural and legal mechanics for getting States to join the Convention, at the level of the Executive Council and the Conference of the States Parties. Scott then discusses the OPCW's outreach over the years, highlighting its successful co-operation with States, regional and sub-regional organisations and civil society.

The second chapter is on Articles XVIII to XXI: Signature, Ratification, Accession, and Entry-into-Force. In this chapter, Scott describes the signature process for the Convention (and entry-into-force for Signatory States) and the accession and entry-into-force process for non-signatory States. Scott gives more detail on recent efforts to encourage remaining non-States Parties to join the Convention noting, for example, the efforts by civil society actors such as VERTIC's co-organisation with the OPCW of a joint universality event in Angola in April 2013 to encourage them to accede to the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions.

For more information about VERTIC's universality efforts - in relation to the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism - please contact NIM Programme Director, Scott Spence



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