NIM Programme Director participates in Second Myanmar-US/UK Nonproliferation Dialogue

Scott Spence, Programme Director for National Implementation, participated in the Second Myanmar-US/UK Nonproliferation Dialogue in Yangon during 4-5 December. The Dialogue, organised by Pacific Forum CSIS and MISIS (the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies) covered the status of nonproliferation implementation in Myanmar, the Additional Protocol, implementation of the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, missile nonproliferation, UNSC Resolution 1540, strategic trade controls, the Proliferation Security Initiative and UN sanctions resolutions. 35 national experts and 18 international experts participated in this Track 1.5 event. Scott gave the presentations on the BWC and CWC and the status of their implementation in Myanmar.

That same week, Myanmar ratified the Biological Weapons Convention becoming the 171st State Party. VERTIC congratulates Myanmar on this accomplishment and looks forward to continuing our work with them on translating the treaty's obligations into national law. 

Last changed: Dec 10 2014 at 10:20 AM