NIM participates in BWC Action workshops in Benin and Uganda

Senior legal officer Yasemin Balci and legal officer Sonia Drobysz participated in workshops for the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in Benin and Uganda.
The first series of workshops took place in Cotonou from 12 to 16 January. On 12-13 January, relevant governmental officials and international experts discussed various aspects of the implementation of the BWC and UNSCR 1540 in Benin. Sonia Drobysz presented on measures for the application of the Convention in the national legal framework. On 14-15 January, representatives of civil society addressed related issues. On 15-16 January, VERTIC joined officials from Benin to assist with drafting implementing legislation for the BWC.
The second event took place in Kampala on 19-20 January. VERTIC and Ugandan experts reviewed Uganda’s Biosecurity Bill.
The workshops formed part of the BWC Action, a programme of the ‘European Union Council Decision in Support of the BWC’, which aims to support the BWC on the international, regional and national levels through three major projects, namely universality and national implementation; confidence in compliance; and strengthening international cooperation and encouraging international discussion on the future of the BWC.

Last changed: Jan 30 2015 at 4:53 PM