Multilateral verification: Exploring new ideas

Today, VERTIC released a briefing paper on the subject of ‘Multilateral verification: Exploring new ideas’. This paper, by David Cliff and David Keir, outlines new thinking in the realm of multilateral disarmament verification and considers the arguments for incorporating multilateralism into future verified disarmament processes.

Since 2011, VERTIC has been engaged in a project that seeks to investigate next steps in verifying nuclear disarmament, with an emphasis on the potential role of intergovernmental organisations. As the paper notes, ‘pursuing a multilateral approach to the challenges of nuclear disarmament verification will require bold and innovative thinking.’ Building on its experience as an independent observer to the UK-Norway Initiative, which looked at non-nuclear-weapon state involvement in disarmament verification, VERTIC ‘plans to break new ground and generate long-term engagement—by states and intergovernmental organisations alike—on this issue.’ By doing so, VERTIC hopes to realise ‘at least some of the potential benefits of widening the range of actors involved.’

Indeed, this paper argues that there is great promise for multilateralism in future verified nuclear disarmament and, furthermore, that the benefits of multilateral engagement could encourage an increase in the pace of nuclear disarmament itself.

The paper is available for download here.

Last changed: Jan 27 2012 at 4:03 PM