Indonesia-VERTIC Nuclear Security Legislation Kit discussed in ACA-PGSR report

Yesterday (5 March), the National Legislation Implementation Kit on Nuclear Security (Kit) developed recently by VERTIC at the request of the Indonesian government—to assist countries in implementing nuclear security-related legislation—was featured as a highlight in a new joint report by the Arms Control Association and the Partnership for Global Security.

This report, 'The Nuclear Security Summit: Assessment of Joint Statements', notes that the Kit 'will serve as a guide for countries that want to implement IAEA recommendations on domestic legislation and other guidance to strengthen nuclear security within their borders.' The Kit was developed by VERTIC in consultation with the Indonesian government, who will present the Kit as their gift basket to the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit—to be held in The Hague, the Netherlands during 24-25 March.

The Kit was also featured in this month's edition of Arms Control Today, where it was reported as being an initiative that may lead to an increase in the pace of countries ratifying a 2005 amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material. The Kit, it notes, 'consolidates existing guidance on nuclear security, simplifying the process for states to update domestic regulations to comply with key nuclear security treaties and guidelines.'

The Kit has two objectives:

  • to help States develop comprehensive national legislation on nuclear security, in accordance with their own respective legal cultures and internal legal processes; and
  • to provide States with references to a wide array of consolidated elements and provisions contained in relevant international legal instruments and guidance documents that together establish the global framework for nuclear security.

The Kit includes a Model Law and a useful description of the process for developing nuclear security legislation. The Model Law includes:

  • an overview (objective, scope and a description of the Model Law’s sections);
  • definitions;

as well as provisions for

  • national regulation of nuclear security, including the establishment of a competent authority;
  • physical protection and security of nuclear and other radioactive material and nuclear facilities; security of radioactive sources; notification of incidents;
  • transport, import, export and transit of nuclear material and radioactive sources;
  • offences and penalties;
  • jurisdiction; and
  • criminal proceedings and international co-operation.

Andreas Persbo, VERTIC Executive Director, said ‘The Kit is a quality product, and it is wonderful to see that it is already getting the attention that we expected it to get. We’re grateful to the Canadian and UK governments for supporting our work on this, and to the Swiss government for providing funds for translation and publication. Producing the Kit is just the first step, however. We now intend to take it forward with states wishing to work with us to practically implement it, similar to how we have assisted several governments with the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions and UN Security Council Resolution 1540. Over the last years, we’ve strengthened our capacity to deal with nuclear security work. I am confident that this is just the beginning of an entirely new phase of legislative assistance.'

For questions about the Kit, please contact Acting Programme Director for National Implementation, Scott Spence.


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