Holy See and South Africa legislation added to BWC Legislation Database

VERTIC's NIM Team has added the Holy See's new money laundering and anti-terrorism legislation to the BWC Legislation Database. The Law concerning the prevention and countering of the laundering of the proceeds from criminal activities and the financing of terrorism was developed in response to criticisms that the Vatican was not doing enough to prevent the use of its assets, banking facilities, or accounts for criminal or terrorist purposes, including money laundering. Article 6 of the law criminalizes training and giving instructions in the use of, inter alia, chemical or biological substances for terrorist purposes.

New South African legislation has also been added to the database: 'Regulation relating to the registration of persons in control of any activity with regard to controlled goods or who have controlled goods in their possession or custody or under their control (Regulation No.R.16 of 3 February 2010)' and 'Declaration of certain goods as controlled goods and the determination of control measures applicable to such goods (Government Notice No.R.75 of 29 January 2004)'.

These new laws can be found on VERTIC's BWC Legislation Database.

Last changed: Jan 13 2011 at 1:24 PM